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Developing your own product on Clickbank

In this section, I hope to help you create a ClickBank product that will sell.

To start with, the majority of ClickBank products sell for around $17 up to $97. Product marketers can give up to 70% commission to affiliates who sell their product. That may sound like a mega commission to give away, but it most be remembered that the hottest selling products rely on affiliates to sell about 80% of these products.

For example, it is possible to write a small ebook of up to 30 pages and sell it for around $17. A lot of the larger products contain ebooks of 100 pages or more. Many also contain videos too. Three important ingredients of success are necessary:

1 design a popular product in a niche with many hungry buyers


2 create an effective affiliate page with tools for affiliates to use in promoting the product


3 a very strong sales page to promote your product with.

As strange as it may sound, the people who can more than likely help you the most in selling your product for you, are actually your competitors. They have probably built up a mailing lists of visitors who have come to their sales page and chosen to enroll on their mini-course or receive their newsletter. These kind of people are always looking for other products their customers might also be interested in buying.

Once you've found the ClickBank category your product should go under, check out other corresponding products and visit the sales pages for them. Keep a list of the product names, the URLs of the sales pages, the product creator, and other information such as these. One excellent way of obtaining contact info for these product marketers is to sign up to their list at the opt-in form on their sales page. When they begin to send you their newsletter, you will now have their email address and you can approach them about promoting your product.

Your sales will soar the more you enroll the help of these individuals to help you promote your product as an affiliate. And don't forget to set up your own opt-in form on your sales page, so that you can also increase your own mailing list to your advantage!