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CPA Affiliate Marketing - Receiving Commission without the Selling

You may be asking, what on earth is CPA Affiliate Marketing? Well, CPA Advertising is the short-form for 'Cost Per Action Advertising'. All this means is that an affiliate receives a commission ever time a person responds to the advertising they have placed, by completing the desired action, which is normally putting some kind of personal data into a registration form. For example, it could be simply providing their name and email address – or it could be something more involved, like accepting a free trial offer for a product.

CPA marketing is quickly becoming a leader in providing the most cost-effective way to advertise online. CPA is sometimes referred to as PPA, or Pay Per Action. This approach creates a system in which the affiliate doing the marketing for the company earns a commission each time they direct a prospect to the company’s website, and the prospect then goes on to complete the specified activity.

The business itself must decide what kind of action it wants its potential customers to take. As discussed, that action could involve filling in a short form to obtain information about the product or services provided by the company, or just signing up with the company’s website. The commissions paid to the affiliate will vary, depending on the action carried out by the potential customer.

When a CPA campaign is started, the business will pay out the agreed amount to the CPA affiliate, each time a prospect follows the link to the targeted website, and then goes on to complete the specified action or activity. In this way a business is able to build up a list of prospective customers..........and as we all know, lists of potential customers are advantageous to any company.

In building up an advertising campaign using CPA, a business can yield vast amounts of traffic for its website. This of course is always under the terms of the campaign, as it will only pay a commission when a prospective customer completes the desired action whilst at their website. In other words, the business only pays for results, not just traffic.

The major advantage for an affiliate involved in such a program over conventional sales affiliate marketing is this: In sales, the affiliate doesn't get the commission unless a person actually spends money and buys something – and then they have to worry about returns. However, the affiliate who is running a CPA campaign, earing his or her commission is much easier: the prospective customer has to to simply agree to provide the requested information, or accept a free trial offer, or download some free software, and then commission is received! Wow.