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Is it possible to to make money from Affiliate Marketing, without a website?

Possessing your own website to promote affiliate products is cool, but it certainly isn't necessary. I have listed some proven methods for you to use in your affiliate marketing business

Email Marketing. The email you send to prospective customers should introduce the product you're promoting. It should awaken their interest in the product, but make sure it is brief. Ensure that your affiliate link is included in your emails so that the customer can go directly to the business merchants website to buy the product(s).

Try to use as many creative methods as possible to get email addresses from new people. Use online forums, facebook networking, chat forums, to make new friends. Its a good idea to have a few hundred contacts in your email list. PLEASE DON'T SPAM. This will only result in you losing your contacts. As I mentioned earlier, make sure your email grabs their attention and is interesting.

Write free E-books. This is a similar method to email marketing. But here you can write write an informative and helpful e-book and can send it to people via their email address. The theme of your e-book should be related to your affiliate products, which will then allow you to recommend the products in the content of the e-book. If the reader enjoys your book, they may visit the business merchants site and make a purchase.

Article Marketing. Sit down, grab a coffee and write some articles. You can then publish them in free article directories. Again, ensure that your affiliate links appear in the text of your articles. If your articles are well written and interesting, expect some good, green traffic to your affiliate links. Invest some time in this,because more traffic equals more sales through your link.

Offline Promotion. Never forget offline methods of promotion, including classified ads, flyers etc. The best choice would be classified ads as it covers a large exposure area.

Get involved with Forums. Search out a few forums that are related to your products, making sure these have a high page rank. Sign up to these forums and start some discussions or post a question. You are not allowed to include any promotion text in the content of your post, by you are permitted to put your signature at the end. Here you can write your name and your affiliate links. Once you're an active member of these forums, you many receive some traffic from them to your business merchants website, through your affiliate links.

Making use of these methods will save you from paying extra to create and maintain your own website. Try out these methods, you maybe surprised at the results.