Three Dramas HTML version

Evje. Oh, I am so unhappy!
Mrs. Evje. Good heavens, are you, dear? Come along in--or shall I come down to you?
Evje. No, I will come in. Shut the window, or you will catch cold.
Mrs. Evje. Do you know, Gertrud is sitting up here, crying?
Evje. Good gracious, is she? I will come up--I will come up!
John. I will help him up, ma'am! (Pretends to be doing so.)
Mrs. Evje. Is that you, John?
Evje (in a low voice). Will you be off!
John. Yes, it is me, ma'am. He is so unwell.
Mrs. Evje. Is he! Heavens, it is one of his attacks! Help him, John!
Evje (as before). Don't you dare!
John (who has rung the bell loudly). I do hope you will moon be better, sir! (Calls up to
the window.) I can leave him now, ma'am! (To EVJE, as he goes.) This has been a bit of
luck, for me; but you shall have some more of it! (Disappears into the fog as EVJE goes
into his house. The two Passers-by, that were seen at the beginning of the scene, are now
indistinctly seen returning along the street at the back.)
First Passer-by. Well, the land of Fogs used to be thought by the ancients to lie in the
north, where all confused ideas come from--
Second Passer-by (who does not seem to be able to get a word in). But, listen to me for a
moment-do you think it means--?
(SCENE.--A room in HALVDAN REJN's house. He is lying, supported on pillows, on a
sofa on the left-hand side of the room. There is a table in the background, and another
near the sofa. A lamp is hanging from the ceiling, and another standing on the table at the
back. HAAKON REJN, his dress proclaiming him to be a well-to-do yeoman farmer, is
sitting on a chair by the sofa.)
Halvdan. So she couldn't come?