Three Dramas HTML version

Gertrud (in astonishment). I here? You said you did not want me to be present--
Evje. I remember, yes; we thought it would not be advisable.
Gertrud (still speaking quietly, but in growing alarm). But how did things go, then?
Evje. How did they go? Badly.
Mrs. Evje (hurriedly). That is to say, he did not behave at all well. You must prepare
yourself for the worst, my child!
Gertrud. Is it something very bad, then?
Evje. You know he is a little hasty just now, when he has so much on his hands. He lacks
a proper sense of moderation--but he will learn it, sure enough.
Gertrud (almost inaudibly). But what does it mean? Is he never coming back?
Evje. Never coming back? What an extraordinary question! Of course he will come back.
He was only a little over-hasty, you know--
Gertrud. And said he would never come back?
Mrs. Evje. Come, come, my dear--you mustn't be alarmed.
Evje. He talked such a lot, you know, that we must not attach any particular importance
to anything he said.
Gertrud. So that is how it is!
Mrs. Evje. We must make allowances for all that he is going through just now--
Evje (suddenly). My child, you look so pale--
Mrs. Evje (going to her). Gertrud!
Gertrud (with a quiet movement of protest). I must give grandfather his drink; that was
really what I came for. And that was how I happened to see Harald through the window. I
will take grandfather his drink. (The curtain falls as she goes out of the room.)
(SCENE.--A street in the "villa quarter" of the town. Between it and another street
running parallel with it in the background, are two houses standing in gardens, half of the
facade of one of them projecting into the stage on the right. On the left a third street runs
at right angles to the others, to the back of the stage. The left side of this third street