Three Dramas HTML version

The Baroness (rushing to him with a shriek). Clara!
(SCENE.--A room in GRAN's house; the same as in Act I, Scene II. GRAN is standing at
his desk on the right. FLINK comes in carrying a pistol-case, which he puts down upon
the table.)
Gran. You?
Flink. As you see. (Walks up and down for a little without speaking.)
Gran. I haven't seen you since the day the King was here.
Flink. No.--Have you taken your holidays?
Gran. Yes; but, anyway, I am likely to have perpetual holidays now! The elections are
going against us.
Flink (walking about). So I hear. The clerical party and the reactionaries are winning.
Gran. That would not have been so, but for her unhappy death--. (Breaks off, and sighs.)
Flink. A judgment from heaven--that is what the parsons say, and the women, and the
Gran. --and the landlords. And they really believe it.
Flink (stopping). Well, don't you believe it?
Gran (after a pause). At all events I interpret it differently from--
Flink. --from the parson? Naturally. But can any one doubt the fact that it was the finger
of fate?
Gran. Then fate assumed her father's shape?
Flink. Whether her father appeared to her at the moment of his death or not (shrugs his
shoulders) is a matter in which I am not interested. I don't believe in such things. But that
she was suffering pangs of conscience, I do believe. I believe it may have brought painful
visions before her eyes.