Three Dramas HTML version

Cavalier. --for the noble huntsman--
Princess. --who is being hunted himself! (Moves away, but stops suddenly.) Who is that?
(CLARA ERNST, masked and in peasant costume, comes forward followed by a masked
figure wearing a domino. He is whispering to her over her shoulder. She keeps glancing
about, as if looking for some one.)
The Domino. --and there, in the enchanted castle, buried deep in the wooded park--
Clara. Let me alone!
The Domino. --there we shall be greeted by a babbling fountain of water--a nymph,
holding the cup of joy high above her head--
Clara (anxiously). What can have become of her?
(Meanwhile one of the masked dancers has been following them, and now turns back to
join others.)
A Masked Dancer (pointing to the DOMINO). That is the King!
Another (quickly). But who is she?
The Domino. --on both sides, shady alleys leading to the doors of a secret retreat; and
Clara (turning round). I despise you! (The dancing and music suddenly stop. General
The Baroness (starting forward as she hears CLARA voice.) Clara!
The Domino (taking CLARA's hand and leading her apart from the others). Do you
know who it is that you despise?
Clara (greatly agitated). Yes, I know who you are!--and that is why, from the bottom of
my heart, I despise you! (The music begins afresh, covering the general consternation
that has spread among the dancers. The BARONESS comes forward with a cry of
"Clara!" CLARA bursts into tears and throws herself into her arms. Curtain.)
(SCENE.--A large hall in Gran's factory. The walls are bare. On the left, about half-way
forward, is a small platform. A meeting of the shareholders of a railway company is in
progress. Facing the platform are seated the gentry; the common herd, mainly farmers