Three Dramas HTML version

Valborg. Yes, now we are all going to our posts--and all together, where formerly you
stood alone! You will have good fairies round you; wherever you look, you will see
happy faces and busy fingers all day long; and we shall all enjoy our meals and our
evenings together, just as we did when we were children!
Tjaelde. That, above everything!
Valborg. Ha, ha!--it is after the rain that the birds sing blithest, you know! And this time
our happiness can never miscarry, because we shall have something worth living for!
Tjaelde. Let us go to your mother! This will cheer her heart!
Valborg. Ah, how I have learnt to love her! What has happened to-day has taught me.
Tjaelde. It is for her that we shall all work now.
Valborg. Yes--for her, for her. She shall rest now. Let us go to her!
Tjaelde. Kiss me first, my dear. (His voice trembles.) It is so long since you did!
Valborg (kissing him). Father!
Tjaelde. Now let us go to your mother. (The curtain falls as they go out together.)
(SCENE.--In the garden of TJAELDE'S new home, on the shore of the fjord, three years
later. A view of tranquil sunlit sea, dotted with boats, in the background. On the left a
portion of the house is seen, with an open window within which VALBORG is seen
writing at a desk. The garden is shaded with birch trees; flower-beds run round the house,
and the whole atmosphere one of modest comfort. Two small garden tables and several
chairs are in the foreground on the right. A chair standing by itself, further back, has
evidently had a recent occupant. When the curtain rises the stage is empty, but
VALBORG is visible at the open window. Soon afterwards TJAELDE comes in,
wheeling MRS. TJAELDE in an invalid chair.)
Mrs. Tjaelde. Another lovely day!
Tjaelde. Tjaelde. Lovely! There was not a ripple on the sea last night. I saw a couple of
steamers far out, and a sailing ship that had hove to, and the fisher-boats drifting silently
Mrs. Tjaelde. And think of the storm that was raging two days ago!
Tjaelde. And think of the storm that broke over our lives barely three years ago! I was
thinking of that in the night.