Three Days and Three Nights


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You have been taught that Jesus was crucified on Friday and was raised up from the dead on Sunday and yet Jesus Himself said that He would be in the heart of the Earth three days and three nights. How do you get three nights between Friday and Sunday? Confused? Do you want to get this cleared up? This short book will do just that for you!

Raven Sanders Leck

A quick, simple, and interesting read. I have never been presented with this argument before, but the information provided in this book is valuable and important for a Christian to know if ever faced with this question. Thank you for so easily and clearly refuting something that could so easily be turned into a debacle and even conspiracy theory. This was excellent, and I will be passing it on.


Jewish custom (Jesus was Jewish) count the evening before as the next day. Jesus' suffering began on Holy Thursday, thus Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 3 days of suffering. Scripture is NOT to be taken literally but faithfully, fully trusting in God through the Holy Spirit.

Joshua Talada

Wow! This blow my MIND! Must read!

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