Three Comedies HTML version

Leonarda. No, no!--But you, Aagot--will you-. Oh, my God!--Will you run in--and get--
Aagot. Your bottle of drops?
Leonarda. Yes. (AAGOT runs out.) Hans, go as quickly as you can to the General's--ask
him to come here! At once!
Hans. Yes, ma'am.
Leonarda. Hans!
Hans. Yes, ma'am.
Leonarda. Go on horseback. You may not find the General at home-- and have to go
elsewhere after him.
Hans. Yes, ma'am. (Goes out. AAGOT re-enters.)
Aagot. Here it is, aunt!
Leonarda. Thank you. It is over now.
Aagot. But what was it, aunt?
Leonarda. It was something, dear--something that comes over one sometimes at the
change of the year.
(The interval between this act and the next should be very short.)
(SCENE.--A room in the BISHOP'S house, the same evening. The lights are lit. The
BISHOP comes in with LEONARDA, who is in travelling dress, with a shawl over her
arm and a bag in her hand. The BISHOP makes a movement as though to relieve her of
them, but she puts them down herself.)
Leonarda. Your lordship must excuse me for troubling you so late as this; but the reason
of it is something over which I have no control.---Is your nephew here?
Bishop. No, but I expect him. He has been here twice this afternoon already to see me,
but I was out.
Leonarda. I will make haste then, and do what I have to do before he comes.