Three Comedies HTML version

Leonarda. Be quiet!
Aagot. Only you must let me go away for a few days--I must get things straight in my
mind. (Bursts into tears.) Oh, aunt--for pity's sake--do you love him? (LEONARDA tries
to get away from her.) I don't love him any longer! If you love him, aunt, I will give him
Leonarda. At least hold your tongue about it, here in another person's house!--If you are
not coming with me, I am going home by myself.
Aagot. Then I shall never follow you.
Leonarda. You are completely out of your senses!
Aagot. Yes; I cannot live, unless you speak to me gently and look at me kindly.--God
keep you, aunt, now and always!
Leonarda (turning to her). My child!
Aagot. Ah! (Throws herself into her arms.)
Leonarda. Let us go home!
Aagot. Yes.
(SCENE--The garden at LEONARDA FALK'S house some days later. On the left, a
summer-house with table and chairs. A large basket, half full of apples, is on the table.
LEONARDA is standing talking to PEDERSEN.)
Leonarda. Very well, Pedersen; if the horses are not needed here, we may as well send
to fetch Miss Aagot home. Can we send to-day?
Pedersen. Certainly, ma'am.
Leonarda. Then please send Hans as soon as possible with a pair of horses to the hill
farm for her. It is too cold for her to be up there now, anyway.
Pedersen. I will do so. (Turns to go.)
Leonarda. By the way, Pedersen, how has that little affair of yours been going?
Pedersen. Oh--