Three Comedies HTML version

Nordan. That was throwing down a gauntlet, if you like!
Mrs. Riis (calling through the door). Svava!
Christensen (coming in and speaking to NORDAN, who has taken no notice of him and
has not turned round). Then it is to be war?-- Well, I fancy I know a thing or two about
war. (Goes out. NORDAN turns round and stands looking after him.)
Mrs. Riis (still at the door). Svava! (RIIS comes rushing out of his room, with his hat on
and his gloves and stick in his hand, and follows the CHRISTENSENS.) Svava!
(SCENE.--DR. NORDAN'S garden, behind his neat one-storied house. He is sitting on a
chair in the foreground reading. His old servant, THOMAS, opens the how door and
looks out.)
Thomas. Doctor!
Nordan. What is it? (ALFRED comes into sight in the doorway.) Oh, it is you! (Gets up.)
Well, my boy? You don't look up to much!
Alfred. No, but never mind that. Can you give me a bit of breakfast?
Nordan. Have you had no breakfast yet? Have you not been home then?--not been home
all night?--not since yesterday? (Calls) Thomas!
Alfred. And when I have had something to eat, may I have a talk with you?
Nordan. Of course, my dear boy. (To THOMAS, who has come out of the house) Get
some breakfast laid in that room, please (pointing to a window on the left).
Alfred. And may I have a wash too?
Nordan. Go with Thomas. I will be with you directly. (ALFRED and THOMAS go into
the house. Then a carriage is heard stopping outside.) There is a carriage. Go and see who
it is, Thomas. I won't see any patients! I am going away to-morrow.
Thomas. It is Mr. Christensen. (Goes into the house again.)
Nordan. Oho! (Goes to the window on the left.) Alfred!
Alfred (coming to the window). Yes?