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Not long ago, 24/7 actually became a word. Don’t blame
me; it certainly wasn’t my idea. I think it’s time to say Sayonara
to it, since it just hasn’t worked and probably should more
realistically be described as el toro crappo. How about
replacing it with 30/15? The 30 represents the number of hours
in the new workweek and the 15 stands for the number of
dollars in the new minimum wage.
The sixty-hour week at the factory has only led to stress,
heart attacks, stomach illnesses and other health problems as
well as not really getting the job done. It really doesn’t matter
what kind of work you do, no one can be productive putting in
that many hours a week. People who lived a century ago would
remark that sixty is nothing as they were forced to endure
eighty-hour stints. That boils down to sixteen hours a day for a
five-day week or in excess of eleven hours for working every
day of the week ending in a “y.” I cannot imagine how they put
up with those ludicrous hours. That is one of the reasons why
our grandparents and great grandparents had such short life
In Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a
Cynical Time, Paul Rogat Loeb, states, “We should be able to
earn a living wage without sacrificing our psychological,
spiritual and sometimes even physical well-being by giving
over our entire lives to our jobs.” Ro Donahue – my supervisor
on the last contract I had – was right on the money when she
said that family and home life came first and then work
followed in importance.
Realistically, how much work do you think employers
get out of those who are on the job for a “mere” forty hours a
week? Even that number of hours is problematical and causes
burnout. Since no one is physically capable of being truly
productive for so many hours in a week – I’ll get to why later –
why does management still insist on the practice? With
technology, shouldn’t the length of the workweek have