They Are Trying to Kill Us and It's Time to Fight Back HTML version

They Are Trying to Kill Us!
~ and they are doing a very good job
Just who are they? Who are we? And why do I believe they are trying
to kill us?
You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I say, “The
proof is in the pudding… literally. Have you ever looked at the label on a
package of pudding? Can you pronounce all of the words easily? Do you have
any idea what these ingredients are? From looking at the label, could you
figure out a basic recipe for pudding?”
Have you ever wondered how man survived before all of these “modern
conveniences”, like refrigeration? How did we make it past the black plague
without vaccinations? Just how bad was infant mortality in the face of the
numbers of aborted babies in this past century? Why is it that we didn’t
need hospitals and such before the world became “civilized”?
The entire “civilized world” is slowly dying and nobody knows why.
Well, some do, but most of the answers that we are being given are simply
untrue. In fact, many are downright lies. We have been told for decades,
neigh, generations, that we should stop doing things the “old fashioned way”
and make our dinners the “new and improved” way. Yet after a few
generations of this “new” way we have more degenerative diseases and
chronic illnesses than ever before. Why is that?
Just what affects are all of these additives having on our bodies? Do
we really need all of these additives to begin with? Why? Could it be that
these additives are actually what are causing the illnesses that are becoming
epidemic in this country, illnesses like cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue
syndrome and Alzheimer’s?
More and more people are asking themselves these very questions and
coming up with the same answers: it’s time to stop listening to “them” and it’s
time to get back to doing things the old fashioned way! How many of us know
how to make soap? Many of us don’t have any idea how to can our own
vegetables, let alone what a canner looks like. The problem is we don’t
remember how to do things the old way; we’ve forgotten the art.
How does one prepare healthy foods for their family using whole
foods and just what foods should we eat and what shouldn’t we eat? Just
what is defined as “food” anyway? Where do we draw the line between what
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