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They Are Trying to Kill Us and It's Time to Fight Back

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Published: 4 years ago

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More and more people are being diagnosed with major illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Could it be that the cause of this increase is simple as the foods we eat? Could the major corporations who manufacture the foods we consume be putting ingredients into their products that cause diseases like diabetes and heart disease? Worse yet, could they really be doing this while knowing full well that these ingredients are harmful to our health? Is there really a plan for the future of this world that is so brilliant, so cunning and so evil as to take multiple generations of people to carry it out? If it is true, and the average citizen of the planet earth is under attack through the very food we eat, is there anything we can do about it? If so, what? How do we know whom to trust?


Very informative and eye-opening. I've been dealing with intestinal issues for years and just recently started making changes to my diet by switching to organic and whole foods. I can't believe what our world has come to.


Bonnie Wills

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