Theo Spears and the Golden Diamond HTML version

Chapter 1.
I think I had the best life in the world. Yes, Had. It isn’t that nice anymore. Not when
you have to train every day and have to hear lectures on how to prevent death every
hour. Well that’s how life is at Zosicentia School for Warriors. If you are a warrior
then you must already be familiar with this name, for all of you who aren’t well I
simply loathe you. If you think that this is some fairytale story then I’m very sorry to
inform you that you’re mistaken. If, by any chance, you take this as a comedy and a
good laugh then to me you are the most naive person alive. Before you start reading
let me inform you that I was forced to give an account of all of this. If it had been left
on me, I would have never looked back to those dark days. Well now without any
further delay let me give you a little background on how I landed in this school.
I, Theo Spears, had a normal life. I lived with my dad, still do during the summers, in a
luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York. I went to prep school, had a lot of friends
and was also captain of the soccer team. My dad, Dean Spears, and I used to go
camping every summer as a way to relax after a long and tiring year. My dad was an
engineer and a graduate from Harvard. This year we were planning to spend a month
in the wild, unlike the usual three weeks. After a long hike up the mountains, during
which my dad told me about his encounter with a python, we reached our favorite
camping site. It was a spectacular site, surrounded by a lot of pine trees; we had built
a little fireplace in the corner when we first hiked here. It had a homey feeling and
the smell of the pine trees always made you feel pleased and relaxed. After setting
up our tents and starting a fire, I and my dad started making dinner. We had a hearty
dinner of sausages and steak. Both of us were so stuffed, that we fell asleep as soon
as our heads touched our pillows.
“Theo! Get Up Buddy! It’s already six!”
“Alright, I’m up!” I said, grabbing my wristwatch and muttering a few bitter words
under my breath. I hated getting up this early during holidays. It was the only thing