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Theo Spears and the Golden Diamond

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Published: 2 years ago

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Theo is an ordinary boy until he fights a dozen whale size tigers with masked men sitting on them, gets enrolled at Zosicentia School for warriors and learns how to master the techniques about survival in the wild- the reason is that Theo is the destined warrior. When Theo finds out that he is the Destined warrior, he is too shocked for words. When he gets enrolled at the Zosicentia School for warriors, he is speechless, but he soon gets to adjust himself to the warrior way of life. Soon he makes friends, Andy and Gerrard, and together they have a great time together. But soon enough, unusual and almost fatal events start to occur to Theo and Theo alone. When he and his friends find out about a secret object hidden in the Bermuda Triangle that their Head boy is looking for, they decide to find

Dina Afifi

A very interesting story with an elegant style but also some punching and spelling mistakes. I was really shocked to know that this is just part 1 and I really want to know where to get the second part. The author has got a reall style, a true tallent and rich immagination. Good luck Bineera Ahmed.


Very interesting. If you like Harry Potter books, you'll like this book.


Bireera Ahmed

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