The Zombie Chronicles HTML version

Chapter 1
One year earlier…
It had been a long day in July, with heat waves rampaging throughout South Carolina. Even
though nighttime had long fallen and the temperatures had cooled down noticeably, my shirt still
stuck to my back. I wondered what good that shower had done that I’d taken before meeting
A rush of wind blew through my hair as we rode to the top of the Ferris wheel and then
stopped, hovering in midair. I breathed in, relaxed, and listened to the distant screams, music,
and laughter echo below us. Sherry set down the stuffed pink pig I’d won for her in the ring toss
and folded her hands in her lap, enjoying the silence. I dared a quick look at the stuffed animal,
fighting with myself whether to be proud or sink into the ground. The guys back at school surely
would’ve suggested the latter, but I didn’t care. Granted, it wasn’t the giant teddy bear I’d spent
twenty bucks trying to win, but Sherry seemed happy with her little plush pink prize nonetheless.
She squeezed my hand, and I smiled.
I rocked the cart back and forth with my legs.
“Hey! Stop it,” Sherry said, twining her fingers through my hair.