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The Glass Mountain
Once upon a time there was a Glass Mountain at the top of which stood a castle
made of pure gold, and in front of the castle there grew an apple-tree on which
there were golden apples.
Anyone who picked an apple gained admittance into the golden castle, and there
in a silver room sat an enchanted Princess of surpassing fairness and beauty.
She was as rich too as she was beautiful, for the cellars of the castle were full of
precious stones, and great chests of the finest gold stood round the walls of all
the rooms.
Many knights had come from afar to try their luck, but it was in vain they
attempted to climb the mountain. In spite of having their horses shod with sharp
nails, no one managed to get more than half-way up, and then they all fell back
right down to the bottom of the steep slippery hill. Sometimes they broke an arm,
sometimes a leg, and many a brave man had broken his neck even.
The beautiful Princess sat at her window and watched the bold knights trying to
reach her on their splendid horses. The sight of her always gave men fresh
courage, and they flocked from the four quarters of the globe to attempt the work
of rescuing her. But all in vain, and for seven years the Princess had sat now and
waited for some one to scale the Glass Mountain.
A heap of corpses both of riders and horses lay round the mountain, and many
dying men lay groaning there unable to go any farther with their wounded limbs.
The whole neighbourhood had the appearance of a vast churchyard. In three
more days the seven years would be at an end, when a knight in golden armour
and mounted on a spirited steed was seen making his way towards the fatal hill.
Sticking his spurs into his horse he made a rush at the mountain, and got up half-
way, then he calmly turned his horse's head and came down again without a slip