The Yellow Fairy Book HTML version

The Nixy
There was once upon a time a miller who was very well off, and had as much
money and as many goods as he knew what to do with. But sorrow comes in the
night, and the miller all of a sudden became so poor that at last he could hardly
call the mill in which he sat his own. He wandered about all day full of despair
and misery, and when he lay down at night he could get no rest, but lay awake all
night sunk in sorrowful thoughts.
One morning he rose up before dawn and went outside, for he thought his heart
would be lighter in the open air. As he wandered up and down on the banks of
the mill-pond he heard a rustling in the water, and when he looked near he saw a
white woman rising up from the waves.
He realised at once that this could be none other than the nixy of the mill-pond,
and in his terror he didn't know if he should fly away or remain where he was.
While he hesitated the nixy spoke, called him by his name, and asked him why
he was so sad.
When the miller heard how friendly her tone was, he plucked up heart and told
her how rich and prosperous he had been all his life up till now, when he didn't
know what he was to do for want and misery.
Then the nixy spoke comforting words to him, and promised that she would make
him richer and more prosperous than he had ever been in his life before, if he
would give her in return the youngest thing in his house.
The miller thought she must mean one of his puppies or kittens, so promised the
nixy at once what she asked, and returned to his mill full of hope. On the
threshold he was greeted by a servant with the news that his wife had just given
birth to a boy.