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Written by
Candice James

Copyright 2008 Saddlestone Publishing Box 5 – 720 – 6thStreet, New Westminster, BC
Canada V3L 3C5


Air I Breathe
Blade Of The Knife
Brush Of Your Breath Change
Come To Me
Darkness Undressed
Deep Dark Secret Of Night Do It
Here I Stand
Hey Dougie
Heiroglyphics Understood I Belong To You
I Just Don’t Get It
I Lose Myself
I Love
In From The Cold
Ink Stains
The Key
Listen To The Universe Look Deeply
Naked And Needing
Past The Point Of Truth Permeation
Plugged In
Seeing Is Believing
Sweet Hungry Fever This Dream
Tough Heat
World Of Our Own Wounds
Written & Engraved Your Court
Your Voice
Breakable And Fragile Color
My Only Savior
Spirit Sculptor
Beyond Measure
While You Lay Sleeping Hard Freeze
Wayward Star
A Question Of Pretense What Is
Action and Actions


It’s flowing and glowing


Heating and meting out


The embers from my heart


That you may hold them in your hand,


Breathe on them and spark them


Into a flame


We can burn into Eternity’s body and soul.


You are the architect shaping my dreams


Until I become the dream itself –


The dream only you can create.


Oh Architect –


Be gentle yet precise As you create the me I’ve been waiting so very long to become!

The Air I Breathe

Whenever I hear your voice on the phone


Electricity flows through the line,


Drives through my heart


And splits the moment


Into some degree or slice of paradise.


You have taken the ice I’ve lived in for years


And melted it into it’s own fiery glass.


Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived before you.


Most times I’m aware of the fact that I didn’t.


If there ever comes a moment in my life called “After You”,


I won’t be living in it


Because You’re fast becoming the air I breathe.

The Blade Of The Knife

Sometimes I just need to have a few drinks


So it doesn’t actually seem like it is in the moment.


It lets me hide


Somewhere in between


What is


And what isn’t.


It allows me to surreptitiously live in


What could be


And what should be.


The way it dulls the blade of the knife


Doesn’t allow the “missing you” feeling To cut quite so deep.

The Brush Of Your Breath

Smoke rings rising in images of you.


I see all possibilities in them for a moment –


For all time, and then


I see only one possible moment.


The atmosphere,


Paints and molds a statue .


Creates a mission


Sculpted at the edges of castle deep.


Left behind


Most assuredly, all negative vibrations


With the brush of your breath on my soul.


I’m a vagrant of love


Claiming clemency from all separations.


The brush of your breath Is the wind beneath my wings.

The Change

Even if hell freezes over


I’ll never forget the first time I saw you –


So alive,


So effervescent,


So attractive,


So real.


Like steel to a magnet I was drawn to you.


Helpless against this force of nature.


Escape from this moment -- impossible.


I had never asked a stranger to dance before


In a hypnotic spell I stood up


Flowed to you,




Took your hand in mine


And led us onto dance floor of dreams


Just outside of Heaven’s Door.


And now – Everything has changed.


I said it once.


Now I’ll say it twice.


It happens fast or it doesn’t happen.


Time and tide wait for no man.


They won’t wait for us.


Time passes too slowly for some


Too quickly for others.


To everything there is a season


And a season unto all things.


This is our season.


We either claim it or we don’t.


Life is ever changing


Destiny calls –


Sometimes There is no choice.

Come To Me

I’ll make this paper breathe with the spark of life


By the extreme feeling I infuse into it.


I’ve spent an eternity inside this unfamiliar ice your absence causes.


I’m aching


For the coveted Silver Thaw


Your nearness arouses.


Come to me –


Come to me.


Your face haunts my every moment. There is no respite.


I mind trace my fingertips across your cheek,


Over your body.


I feel the essence of you.


I swear I can almost taste you.


Touch me That you may touch your soul.


Are you scared?


Are you scared of deep emotion?


Are you able to navigate?


Are you afraid of drastic change?


Great things happen


When you put your fears aside.


Don’t ever fear me


I’ll never hurt you.


If there is ever a leaving,


You’ll be the one who walks away. Commitment is my inner name.


It’s a crush. It’s a hard tender crush.


It’s a monumental crush!


It makes me do silly schoolgirl things,


Makes me feel foolish,


Makes me feel happy.


The messages on the answering machine.


I save them.


I play them over and over again;


Just to hear your voice,


Just to feel the heat,


Just to feel closer to you.


You have resurrected the incurable romantic I thought I had long ago buried.


I want to feel you press through me


Until we become so lost in each other that there are no borders;


Until there is no other direction;


Until there is no separation;


Until we are one.


It’s a crush. It’s a hard tender crush.


It’s a monumental crush! It’s predestination in all it’s shining glory.

Darkness Undressed

I want to tend it and rape it


Bend it and shape it


It’s the most beautiful free form structure imaginable.


I yearned for it and found it


Burned it and bound it


Into an eternal flame that can never be extinguished.


The elusive dream has finally come to rest


A tender caress fiery on my breast


Former sins committed now are blessed


At last I see the light The darkness has undressed.

Deep Dark Secret Of The Night

In the deep dark secret of the night


When your heart’s holding mine so tight


I lay myself down in love with you


Trying to get enough of you.


These treasured memories chase away


The cold hard moments of each day


Wrapped up in each other we cannot stay


As the day takes us our separate way.


But then the night is born again


I take a brand new breath and then


We’re tangled together inside this dream


Where our hearts have always been


In the deep dark secret of the night


You make all wrongs come right


In the deep dark secret of the night You are the only light

Do It

Have you ever wondered why things happen as they do?


It’s divine justice.


It’s predestination -


The indelible sort that has to be.


You can wonder yourself through a million Sundays


And never find Monday




You can go with the flow,


See it through


And become the you


Predestination has ordained Do it!