The Wrong Focus can be the Death of Your Business!


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If you have the desire to start an online business, download this FREE e-Book, and learn the basics for getting started, such as how to conduct research on successful online marketers, product(s)and/or service(s) that you may have in mind to market online. Download today, and learn why the author supports her belief that most businesses fail today, not because they were built upon ideas, but because most business owners do not focus on what truly makes the difference between success and failure.


I totally agree with you, however that gives the person her own identity and I'm pretty sure it will offset the straight forward approach of this whole ebook. Rating an ebook is not about the language and grammar structure, it's about having the guts to explain "WHY" so many businesses fail today! It's about "Don't build an air balloon, build reality" Many of them are afraid to make a mistake, that's why they make so many mistakes!


May have been a good book, but I couldn't get passed the horrible spelling and grammar, not to mention horrible sentence structures.

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