The Wounded Falcon HTML version

You are about to embark on an adventure in which
YOU are the main character. The Choices that you make as
you read will determine your ultimate success or failure.
All you need to start this adventure is a pencil. You
also have a Parchment to record your progress as you read.
Each Choices short story only has one path that leads
to success; all the others lead to failure. How long will it
take you to find that correct path?
You will start the adventure with no equipment at all.
It is likely, however, that you will find some items during
your travels. You should record any such items under the
“List of Equipment” on your Parchment.
There is a notes box on your Parchment, which you
can use to record any particularly useful piece of information
that you may come across during your adventure.
Parting Comments
As you read, you will soon realise that you should not
read the pages/paragraphs in numerical order. It is essential
that you only read the paragraphs the book asks you to read.
Reading other sections will deprive you of the excitement
and surprise you would otherwise experience while reading
this book.
I hope you enjoy this adventure
J P B a rn ett