The Winter Wellness Diet: How to Use the Cold to Fire up Your Metabolism and Melt the Fat Away! HTML version

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diet or endorses it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. There are big bucks in creating a brand
name, a logo and then licensing that to companies to put on their products. In addition,
writing a “best selling” book is pretty profitable for these people as well.
I’m not trying to get this published (unless you know anybody who wants to pay me). I
just want to share good health and nutrition principles with anyone who wants to live a
healthier, leaner life that tastes good and feels good. You’ll never see a “Winter
Wellness Approved” logo on a food package. Why? Because, you literally have access
to pretty much any piece of fresh fruit or vegetable you can get your hands on. Buying
food in a package that has been shipped thousands of miles to get to your grocer is
probably the first thing you’ll stop doing, not the first thing you’ll start looking for.
So take a journey with me the next few months and see how good it can feel to lose
weight, have more energy, detoxify your body and never get sick again!
Throughout this book, take off your conventional thinking hat and put on your common
sense hat. You will read a lot of information that you have never heard, or never heard
presented in this way before.
Gaining weight is not an overnight thing. Our bodies weren’t designed to gain weight,
we have forced them into that situation. We aren’t bears that put on huge stores of fat
so we can live through winter hibernation. Weight gain actually stems from us depriving
our bodies. Yep, that’s right. We don’t give our bodies enough of the quality nutrients
that it needs and our body responds by gaining weight. If we consistently eat a diet that
is nutrient deficient, our body responds by lowering our metabolism (generally) so that
when we eat the same amount of calories, less are used, therefore we need less
calories. Our bodies are defending themselves from well---US! If we are using less, but
consuming the same amount, much of that excess will be stored as fat.
Understanding the following point will be invaluable in creating your mindset to be
healthy and lose weight. Our bodies need nutrients. If we are consistently consuming
food that is deprived of nutrients (i.e.. doesn’t have enough) then our body will signal us
to eat more. Here is a metaphor to explain this situation: Your body is like your
household finances. Nutrients are money and eating is the work you do to get the
money. If you need more money what do you do? Work more/eat more. What if that is
still not enough? Then you go get a second job, or a third. This is how your body views
nutrients. It needs more, but is doing the best it can with what you feed it. Our budgets
need a lot of money and our bodies need a lot of nutrients.
Inevitably, if you eat more, you will gain more weight. That’s why you may be hungry all
the time. Your body is hungry, but not for food, it’s hungry for nutrients. Many of us
don’t understand this and so are doomed to over-eating which leads to weight gain.
Nobody wants to work a second job or a third job to get enough money for the bills. The