The Winter Wellness Diet: How to Use the Cold to Fire up Your Metabolism and Melt the Fat Away! HTML version

The Winter Wellness Diet: How to use the cold to fire up your metabolism and melt the
fat away!
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What are the first 3 letters of diet? D-I-E! Yep, because generally when people go on
diets, the structure of it all is too much to handle for any significant amount of time.
Hence, you’d rather die than stay on the diet any longer. It would be naive to think that
some people don’t succeed with dieting to lose weight or get healthy, but generally
those people are ones who change their lives during the dieting period. No diet will ever
work if you go back to eating, exercising and living life the exact same as you did before
you started torturing yourself.
The Winter Wellness Diet will help you lose weight, it will help you get healthier, BUT it
is a lifestyle change as much as anything else. Other fad diets that I’m sure you’ve
heard of are designed to be money makers. Just because a “doctor” came up with the