The Wild Knight and Other Poems HTML version

The World's Lover
My eyes are full of lonely mirth:
Reeling with want and worn with scars,
For pride of every stone on earth,
I shake my spear at all the stars.
A live bat beats my crest above,
Lean foxes nose where I have trod,
And on my naked face the love
Which is the loneliness of God.
Outlawed: since that great day gone byÑ
When before prince and pope and queen
I stood and spoke a blasphemyÑ
ÔBehold the summer leaves are green.Õ
They cursed me: what was that to me
Who in that summer darkness furled,
With but an owl and snail to see,
Had blessed and conquered all the world?
They bound me to the scourging-stake,
They laid their whips of thorn on me;
I wept to see the green rods break,
Though blood be beautiful to see.
Beneath the gallowsÕ foot abhorred
The crowds cry ÔCrucify!Õ and ÔKill!Õ
Higher the priests sing, ÕPraise the Lord,
The warlock diesÕ; and higher still
Shall heaven and earth hear one cry sent
Even from the hideous gibbet height,
ÕPraise to the Lord Omnipotent,
The vultures have a feast to-night.Õ