The White Moll HTML version

Fellow Thieves
Reaching the courtyard, Rhoda Gray led the way without a word through the driveway,
and finding the street clear, hurried on rapidly. Her mind, strangely stimulated, was
working in quick, incisive flashes. Her work was not yet done. The Sparrow was safe, as
far as his life was concerned; but her possession of even the necklace would not save the
Sparrow from the law. There was the money that was gone from the safe. She could not
recover that, but - yes, dimly, she began to see a way. She swerved suddenly from the
sidewalk as she came to an alleyway - which had been her objective - and drew the
Sparrow in with her out of sight of the street.
The Sparrow gripped at her hand.
"The White Moll!" he whispered brokenly. "God bless the White Moll! I ain't had a
chance to say it before. You saved my life, and I - I -"
In the semi-darkness she leaned forward and laid her fingers gently over the Sparrow's
"And there's no time to say it now, Marty," she said quickly. "You are not out of this yet."
He swept his hand across his eyes.
"I know it," he said. "I got to get those shiners back up there somehow, and I got to get
that paper they planted on me."
She shook her head.
"Even that wouldn't clear you," she said. "The safe has been looted of money, as well;
and you can't replace that. Even with only the money gone, who would they first
naturally suspect? You are known as a safe-breaker; you have served a term for it. You
asked for a night off to stay with your mother who is sick. You left Mr. Hayden-Bond's,
we'll say, at seven or eight o'clock. It's after midnight now. How long would it take them
to find out that between eight and midnight you had not only never been near your
mother, but could not prove an alibi of any sort? If you told the truth it would sound
absurd. No one in their sober senses would believe you."
The Sparrow looked at her miserably.
"My God!" he faltered. He wet his lips. "That's true."
"Marty," she said quietly, "did you read in the papers that I had been arrested last night
for theft, caught with the goods on me, but had escaped?"
The Sparrow hesitated.