The White Moll HTML version

For a moment neither spoke, then Gypsy Nan broke the silence with a bitter laugh. She
threw back the bedclothes, and, gripping at the edge of the bed, sat up.
"The White Moll! The words rattled in her throat. A fleck of blood showed on her lips.
"Well, you know now! You're going to help me, aren't you? I - I've got to get out of here -
get to a hospital."
Rhoda Gray laid her hands firmly on the other's shoulders.
"Get back into bed," she said steadily. "Do you want to make yourself worse? You'll kill
Gypsy Nan pushed her away.
"Don't make me use up what little strength I've got left in talking," she cried out
piteously, and suddenly wrung her hands together. "I'm wanted by the police. If I'm
caught, it's - it's that 'chair.' I couldn't have a doctor brought here, could I? How long
would it be before he saw that Gypsy Nan was a fake? I can't let you go and have an
ambulance, say, come and get me, can I, even with the disguise hidden away? They'd say
this is where Gypsy Nan lives. There's something queer here. Where is Gypsy Nan? I've
got to get away from here - away from Gypsy Nan - don't you understand? It's death one
way; maybe it is the other, maybe it'll finish me to get out of here, but it's the only thing
left to do. I thought some one, some one that I could trust, never mind who, would have
come to-day, but-but no one came, and - and maybe now it s too late, but there's just the
one chance, and I've got to take it." Gypsy Nan tore at the shawl around her throat as
though it choked her, and flung it from her shoulders. Her eyes were gleaming with an
unhealthy, feverish light. "Don't you see? We get out on the street. I collapse there. You
find me. I tell you my name is Charlotte Green. That's all you know. There isn't much
chance that anybody at the hospital would recognize me. I've got money. I take a private
room. Don't you understand?"
Rhoda Gray's face had gone a little white. There was no doubt about the woman's serious
condition, and yet - and yet - She stood there hesitant. There must be some other way! It
was not likely even that the woman had strength enough to walk down the stairs to begin
with. Strange things had come to her in this world of shadow, but none before like this. If
the law got the woman it would cost the woman her life; if the woman did not receive
immediate and adequate medical assistance it would cost the woman her life. Over and
over in her brain, like a jangling refrain, that thought repeated itself. It was not like her to
stand hesitant before any emergency, no matter what that emergency might be. She had
never done it before, but now...
"For God's sake," Gypsy Nan implored, "don't stand there looking at me! Can't you
understand? If I'm caught, I go out. Do you think I'd have lived in this filthy hole if there