The Web Hosting Hunt HTML version

Paid hosting will have different plans for you to choose from
with added features like free domain names, free sub-
domains, unlimited email accounts, GI-Bin, MySQL
databases, e-commerce set up, shopping carts, and
Microsoft Front Page extensions etc. Many free hosts will not
have these services available.
You’ll most likely find that paid hosting offers much better
customer service and reliability.
BEWARE: One thing that should be known about free
hosting is many hosting sites are purposely set up with the
intention of selling for profit in a few months. What are the
tell tail signs of this?? Usually by offering huge bandwidth
and web space amounts per member. It can be over 100GB
bandwidth and over 10GB+ web space. This attracts a lot of
members which makes it easier for them to sell their
business later.
Often with free hosting the company can collapse quite
quickly due to inexperienced web masters and running out
of funds. You probably won’t have to worry about this kind
of thing with free hosting from Yahoo or any other huge
organization but the chances are much higher coming from
tiny companies no-one has heard of.
Free sites that offer MySQL for free can be a danger and
should be avoided. Why? Well MySQL is a server’s biggest
recourse destroyer and with thousands of free members
using its features like crazy such as forums, blogs and
whatever else will eventually cause slow pages. If a free
hosting company offers MySQL they should charge you a
small fee for it.
Another problem with free hosting is the size of the files
you’re allowed to upload. Many sites have a limit of 5mb