The Wealth Within HTML version

Modern technology reveals that there is a world outside that we cannot see. We do
not see emails flying in the sky crossing various continents but evidence reveals that
this actually happens. Do not limit yourself to what your physical senses can detect.
There is more, so much more to the world than that which we can perceive. Open
yourself to this possibility and you have opened yourself to boundless possibilities.
Whenever you are in fear, 90% of the time it is anticipated fear. It is not fear of
what is, but fear of what might happen. Whenever this happens, go back to the
principle mentioned in the first chapter, The Power of Thought, and use that Power to
change your focus. Instead of anticipating a negative outcome, expect a favorable
outcome. Believe with all your heart that the source which supports you is greater
than anything you can ever face in life. Do not try to handle it all yourself. Yield to
the greatest power of all and surrender. Know with unwavering faith that you are
Also learn to concentrate on the present moment. You can never live in the future -
you are always in the present moment. If your thoughts are always in the future,
you will miss opportunities in the present moment. Walk by faith not by sight.
Walking by sight will only reproduce what we see, since our thoughts become our
reality. If your thoughts are fearful you will only generate more fear in your life. If
you knew who stood by you at all times you would never doubt or fear again. There
is a power so strong - a power in charge of the galaxies. And that same power is
ready to assist you if only you let it. If you wholeheartedly believe this, then fear has
no dominion over you.
Remember it is the boldness and courage that brings results. Strong boldness that
springs from deep rooted faith. A faith that knows no limitations but is unbounded. A
faith that transcends all and is beyond the known. A faith that is simply divine in its
own nature and whose supremacy outshines worry and fear.
It is this stage ladies and gentleman that we must all aspire to. Be filled with faith up
to a point that you do not have to resist or struggle against fear, but that it simply
melts away. Let your faith in the Supreme God shine like His glory which is
beautifully expressed in all we see.