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FEAR by Sharon Eiffel
ÐFor God did not give the spirit of fear but of power and of a sound mind“, 2Timothy1
Vs 7.
This chapter builds on the previous chapter of goal setting. I mentioned earlier how
fear may keep one from setting goals. This chapter further emphasizes this point.
Perhaps there is something you always wished to do, but haven’t done it yet. In
many cases the fear of Ðgetting things wrong“ is the reason why goals have not been
accomplished. We want to be perfectionists all the time and start walking before we
even begin to crawl. However, great achievers in life have failed many times. It is
from these ”failures’ that the root of success lies. Do not fear to attempt. Acquire
boldness and know that in your failure will lie your success. As a baby attempts its
first steps to walk, it falls countless times. However it is through the falling that the
baby learns to walk.
Fear comes from lack of faith. At anytime always know that the one who stands by
you at all times is greater than any obstacle you may face. Be grounded in the faith
that there is a power always at hand, ready and willing to support you in your desire.