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1. Chapter One; What Do You Want?

When one begins a journey, usually they have a specific destination in mind. In other words; What do you want?
This seems to be the hardest part, actually.
Ask the average person what do they want, and they will say;
“Oh that’s easy! I want a lot of money! I want a million dollars! I want to win the lotto!” So on and so on.
In point of fact, they really don’t give too much thought to their ‘desire’ and this is one of the main reasons it remains ‘wishful thinking.’
It doesn’t matter how many times they say it out loud, it won’t change anything for them.
It is well known among experienced marketers that money is often not a good motivator.
How can this be so?
One reason is that a digit with a lot of zeros behind it is fairly meaningless to most people. (Just look at our National Debt!)
More importantly, our subconscious mind tends to have a whole different concept of number than we do.
Therefore it is taught to look at the Value Behind the Money.
In other words, what changes to your life will X-amount of money bring? Can you see this change in your mind’s eye? Can you put yourself there and imagine it and feel it? How will your relationships be different? Can you wrap your mind around this new life with passion?
Do this with all your desires. Look deep into them and try them on for size. If you can’t see yourself in a certain situation or place, it may mean that this desire doesn’t come from your heart and you will have difficulty realizing it then.
You need to enlist the Power of your Higher Self to manifest good things for you. In deciding what you want, you need to connect with the innermost desires of your heart.
Be willing to spend a little time on this, and if you haven’t thought about what you want or don’t know, try the following technique;
Take a sheet of paper and, on one side, write what you do not want. If we list the fears that are common to most all people, what you don’t
want will probably fall under one of these categories;
Fear of Poverty
Fear of Loss of Love
Fear of Age
Fear of Death
After you have written what you do not want, go to the other side of the paper and write it’s opposite.
Here is a free online resource that will help you out in formulating your goals and it will also give you a technique to know what might be blocking you from achieving these things;