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Dramatis Personae



FAINALL, in love with Mrs. Marwood,--Mr. Betterton

MIRABELL, in love with Mrs. Millamant,--Mr. Verbruggen

WITWOUD,  follower of Mrs. Millamant,--Mr. Bowen

PETULANT, follower of Mrs. Millamant,--Mr. Bowman

SIR WILFULL WITWOUD, half brother to Witwoud, and nephew to Lady

Wishfort,--Mr. Underhill

WAITWELL, servant to Mirabell,--Mr. Bright


LADY WISHFORT, enemy to Mirabell, for having falsely pretended love

to her,--Mrs. Leigh

MRS. MILLAMANT, a fine lady, niece to Lady Wishfort, and loves

Mirabell,--Mrs. Bracegirdle

MRS. MARWOOD, friend to Mr. Fainall, and likes Mirabell,--Mrs. Barry

MRS. FAINALL, daughter to Lady Wishfort, and wife to Fainall,

formerly friend to Mirabell,--Mrs. Bowman

FOIBLE, woman to Lady Wishfort,--Mrs. Willis

MINCING, woman to Mrs. Millamant,--Mrs. Prince



 SCENE: London. The time equal to that of the presentation.