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Hetta Carbury Hears A Love Tale
'I half a mind to go back tomorrow morning,' Felix said to his mother that Sunday
evening after dinner. At that moment Roger was walking round the garden by himself,
and Henrietta was in her own room.
'Tomorrow morning, Felix! You are engaged to dine with the Longestaffes!'
'You could make any excuse you like about that.'
'It would be the most uncourteous thing in the world. The Longestaffes you know are the
leading people in this part of the country. No one knows what may happen. If you should
ever be living at Carbury, how sad it would be that you should have quarrelled with
'You forget, mother, that Dolly Longestaffe is about the most intimate friend I have in the
'That does not justify you in being uncivil to the father and mother. And you should
remember what you came here for.'
'What did I come for?'
'That you might see Marie Melmotte more at your ease than you can in their London
'That's all settled,' said Sir Felix, in the most indifferent tone that he could assume.
'As far as the girl is concerned. I can't very well go to the old fellow for his consent down
'Do you mean to say, Felix, that Marie Melmotte has accepted you?'
'I told you that before.'
'My dear Felix. Oh, my boy!' In her joy the mother took her unwilling son in her arms
and caressed him. Here was the first step taken not only to success, but to such
magnificent splendour as should make her son to be envied by all young men, and herself
to be envied by all mothers in England! 'No, you didn't tell me before. But I am so happy.
Is she really fond of you? I don't wonder that any girl should be fond of you.'
'I can't say anything about that, but I think she means to stick to it.'