The Watchman HTML version

Chapter 1 – Tomorrow
Spring – 1988
It’s a little while later and I think we’re home. I’ve been on holiday before so I know
how it feels when we are about to go home. Holidays normally mean walks, arshees
and Dad going off at night. Then we leave in the car. The last few days have been
about unpacking, sandwiches and shouting. We never have sandwiches on holiday.
And we’ve only had one long walk.
This time we’re not going home. We’re home already. I’m pretty certain of that.
The day we left our old home was a funny day. I woke up to this horrible smell and
all sticky bits on my face and pillow. Dad walked in and said, „For fuck’s sake,
Adam’, and then shouted for Mum. He went off muttering „today of all days’, but I
didn’t understand his words, of course - I can make my own words in my head, but I
don’t understand everyone else’s words... I don’t know why. Jake and Jocelyn
poked their heads round the door, smiled, and ran off. I wasn't sure what to do, so I
just stayed in bed without moving. Mum then walked in with a smile. She smiles a
lot. She walked towards me in a way that made me feel a little better. Mum always
does that in the morning. She helped me out of bed and gave me a cuddle.
I thought about running off and playing with her, but my belly felt a little funny, so I
walked to the bathroom and started to run a bath. I took all my clothes off and sat on
the toilet, watching the water fill up the bath. The sound and look of the water and
bubbles filling up to the top always makes me feel happy. I don’t know why.