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The Watchman
For all the parents. Only you can do this.
Jane writes in her new diary
September 1972 – Crete
I bought this diary today because I thought it looked beautiful and I felt happy. I love
the golden butterfly against the purple background on the cover. Some people
would think it garish. Not me. Bright colours and swirly patterns remind me of life –
bold and complex. I thought I would write about all the beautiful things; things that I’ll
feel, things that I’ll see, things that I have, and just about anything I think is beautiful.
I’m expecting my first baby. This is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? The baby that will be
mine and Pete’s, whom I love with all my heart. I don’t know what will happen.
We’ve bought the clothes, the cot and a basket for his or her clothes.
Everything is bold, of course. Purples. Greens. Reds.
Right now, everything is perfect. The sun is shining. Pete loves me as much as I
love him. I’m sitting here under the Crete sky with a little life in my belly. That little
life will go on and, one day, be the reason why I’m proud. As I sit and watch the
ocean, I wonder what the world has in store for my little baby.
What can be more beautiful than that?