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The Love Meter
"Since we brought him home, my brother just tosses and gasps for air. Oh, I think Eulalie
and I shall both go mad!"
The soft, pleading voice of Anitra Barrios and her big, appealing brown eyes filled with
tears were doubly affecting as, in spite of her own feelings, she placed her hand on that of
a somewhat younger girl who had accompanied her to the laboratory.
"We were to have been married next month," sobbed Eulalie Sandoval. "Can't you come
and see Jose, Professor Kennedy? There must be something you can do. We fear he is
dying--yes, dying."
"Poor little girl!" murmured Anitra, still patting her hand affectionately, then to us, "You
know, Eulalie is the sister of Manuel Sandoval, who manages the New York business of
my brother." She paused. "Oh, I can't believe it, myself. It's all so strange, so sudden."
For the moment her own grief overwhelmed Anitra, and both sister and sweetheart of
Jose Barrios clung to each other.
"What is the trouble?" soothed Craig. "What has happened? How can I help you?"
"Everything was so happy with us," cried Anitra, "until Jose and I came to New York--
and--now--" She broke down again.
"Please be calm," encouraged Kennedy. "Tell me everything-- anything."
With an effort Anitra began again. "It was last night--quite late- -at his office at the foot
of Wall Street--he was there alone," she strove to connect her broken thoughts. "Some
one--I think it must have been the janitor--called me up at home and said that my brother
was very ill. Eulalie was there with me. We hurried down to him. When we got there Jose
was on the floor by his desk, unconscious, struggling for breath, just as he is now." "Did
you observe anything peculiar?" queried Kennedy. "Was there anything that might give
you a hint of what had happened?"
Anitra Barrios considered. "Nothing," she replied, slowly, "except that the windows were
all closed. There was a peculiar odor in the room. I was so excited over Jose, though, that
I couldn't tell you just what it was like."
"What did you do?" inquired Craig.
"What could we do, just two girls, all alone? It was late. The streets were deserted. You
know how they are down-town at night. We took him home, to the hotel, in a cab, and
called the hotel physician, Doctor Scott."