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The Vagaries of Human Destiny
A Sad and Sweet Story
Paro was not yet eight, she was tall, bubbling
with energy oozing out from every pore of her white creamy
skin. With dark, liquid, dancing big eyes, set perfectly on her
moon-face made her look like a little goddess producing
noble and tender emotions. She was very beautiful but also
very intelligent beyond her years. She liked everyone and
everything she came across. If she did not like anything, it
was sitting at one place with her soft, rose-petal lips sealed.
She hated to remain silent. She loved to be a chattering and
blabbering baby. She acted as a dumb doll only when she
was in school. Being a sensitive girl she was afraid of being
found out on the wrong side of school discipline.
She liked nothing better than carrying tales
from one place to another. Every evening she would like to
have rounds of a few houses in the neighbourhood. As she
owned not only sweet voice but sweet manners just as well,
she smiled from ear to ear displaying her fascinating
alignment of glittering teeth. The people frequently visited
could not fail to notice a mischievous smile when she had to
say something or the other, for or against her victims. She
was innocent. It was her harmless pastime. She was helpful
to all her numberless aunties for whom she ran errands and
carried messages from one aunty to another. Occasionally
she would create hilarious situations by twisting right
messages to wrong aunties. Once, Kunal’s mother asked her
to go and ascertain from her friend Revati if she had time
and inclination to accompany her to the beautician. When
Paro reached Revati’s house, she learnt from her husband
that she was not home and had gone to see ‘Idle Idiots’.
Within the shortest possible time, what Veena-Kunal’s
mother and the whole locality learnt was that Revati aunty
accompanied by Veena’s beautician had gone to meet ‘Ideal