The Unspeller and the Book of Days HTML version

Aesa Jereward - (AY-suh) The fifth child in the Jereward family, he was born without the gift for magic.
Arkenian - (ar-KAY-nee-ahn)The winged people who first lived on Tuatha before the Traders came.
Badaskith - Dragon who compiled the Book of Days from Arkenians, Eigenau, Dragons and Traders.
Bephistoles - (bef i-STO-lees) Counselor who ordered the destruction of the Book of Days.
Book of Days - Collection of the magic from all the realms; created by Badaskith.
Brogan - Father of the Jereward family.
Cai - (ky) Younger son of Lord Ferrill Wexler.
Dalynara - (dal-i-NAR-uh) The first child in the Jereward family and a Spirit Wizard. Her ghost companion is Dex.
Dex - Spirit companion to Dalynara Jereward.
Eigenau - (I-gen-aw) The sea realm.
Gesta - The light-haired twin to Tandrick Jereward.
Gritich - Misshapen creatures who wield the gift of Time Bend.
Harlan - Oldest son of Lord Ferrill Wexler.
Jasper - The fourth child in the Jereward family; gifted with Future Tell.
Killian - The third child in the Jereward family, a Fire Wielder.
King Exinder - King of the Traders.
Illion - King of the Eigneau.
Laeron - (LAIR – un)Outcast dragon.
Lena Nells - Healer of Faben’s Hollow.
Loken - The second child in the Jereward family, the oldest brother.
Lord Benning - Counselor; a friend of Grandfather Jereward
Lord Kikritan - Irritable enchanter on the Council.
Lord Wexler - Next in line to inherit the throne. Full name is Ferrill Wexler.
Memnara - Counselor who fought Gritich
Prince Lanigan - Sea prince who serves on the Council
Queen Armath - Arkenian queen who killed the first Unspeller.
Selena - Mother of the Jereward family.
Tamlin - The Arkenian oracle
Tandrick - Dark-haired twin of Gesta Jereward
Tannon - The youngest of the Jereward family
Traders - The people from the non-magic lands of Morea who landed on Tuatha and inherited the gifts of magic by living
Uncle Roran - Brogan Jereward’s brother, owner of Havast Inn in Turnstone.