The Unspeller and the Book of Days HTML version

Aesa's stomach woke him up. It was time for dinner. He wondered if he could join the other
apprentices in the Dining Hall yet.
His nose had a slight bend that would always be there, but the swelling was down and the black
bruises underneath his eyes had faded to a yellow-green shadow. There was no disguising the fact that he had
been beaten, but his face did not look so alarming. Even his mouth was back to its old shape, with only a thin
line of a scab on his bottom lip.
You’re looking better. Dex settled himself on a chair next to the bed, one leg propped across the other,
as if he were sitting down for a chat.
“Where have you been?”
The ghost smiled. Ever ywhere.
“I suppose you know I can unspell.”
Dex nodded, a curiously patronizing smile on his ghostly face. Congratulations.
This annoyed Aesa. “It's not half-bad, you know.”
Maybe Dex didn't know very much about unspellers “I don't know what magic you had in your
former life, but you'd be surprised at how powerful I am.”
I doubt it.
Annoyance turned to anger and his eyes lit up. He understood why Killian's eyes lit up so
often…with a temper like that he was probably prone to magic surges.
His eyes still lit by his indignation, he asked Dex, “What was your gift?”
The surging power in Aesa's blood halted painfully at Dex's words. Did the ghost literally mean he
could unspell? “You were the first Unspeller?”
Yes, I was…am. The traces of what Dex had once looked like seemed sharper now. His eyes would
have been blue, and that ever-present smile, as if he knew much more than he was allowed to say.
Aesa reeled, trying to grasp the idea that the Unspeller had been with him all his life, and he had
never known it. Not only that, perhaps Dex had always known that Aesa was the next Unspeller, and would
not, or could not tell.
“Did you know I was like you?”
Of course.
“How long?”
"I would have wanted to know that,” he said bitterly.
Because once you knew, someone else would know. The Arkenian oracle would have hunted you immediately. You
needed time.
"Do you have any idea how difficult this has been for me? " He paused, realizing he was angry at a
ghost. "Are you here for me...or for Dalynara?"
As Dex spoke, his words began to have other meanings, shadows falling behind them.
I am here for her, yes. Sadness tinted his reply.
“Is she in danger?”
I was war ned that you were perceptive.
Before Aesa could concentrate too deeply on the shadow of doubt about Dalynara's future, Dex
spoke again, changing the subject. You are vulnerable right now because when the magic retur ns you cannot contain
will be become stronger, though it can still overtake you.
"How did you learn to control it? You fought Badaskith for a day according to legend," he paused