The Unspeller and the Book of Days HTML version

They tried to prevent her from coming to see Aesa, but their mother would not be dissuaded.
Especially when she learned of the oracle's determination to find the Unspeller.
Before she arrived, Loken paced next to his bed. "It's only been one day since you were hurt. I think
Conceal would be a kindness."
Assessing Aesa, Dalynara said, "I hate to say this, but I agree."
Jasper played with his dagger, tossing it up and watching it flip in the air before catching it by the hilt.
"She deserves to be able to see the injuries for what they are. He might be our brother, but he is her son."
"That sounds noble and all that,” Killian said, “but I like lying to her better.”
Aesa listened to the debate and then realized that it was up to him. Loken could cast Conceal if he
wanted to, but Aesa could remove it. He touched his face, feeling the swelling and the unnatural roundness.
He knew he should have died if it hadn't been for his mysterious healer.
Whenever he tried to ask Dalynara about it she managed to avoid the question, which only piqued his
A knock sounded at the door.
Loken said, "Conceal or not?"
"Not." Aesa said.
"It isn't up to you," Killian said and nodded at Loken, who cast the spell. The magic settled over him
and by the satisfied look on his brother's faces he could tell it had worked, though he still felt the same.
His father's voice came from the doorway. "This way Serena. Remember, it looks bad but his spirits
are good."
Aesa unspelled the Conceal rune. He didn't want to scare his mother, but he didn't want to deceive
her either.
Loken's eyes widened as the magic fell away.
She entered the room, still cloaked for the journey through the Gate, her dark hair twisted up around
her anxious face. She saw Aesa and managed a smile, but it was forced and brave.
"Hello, Aesa." She sat down on the bed next to him, careful not to move him.
"I feel better than I look, Mum.”
She touched his face and her brave smile turned wry. "That's comforting. Have they been able to ease
your pain?"
"Yes...Dalynara found a healer. I'm only sore. And ugly."
She swept his hair out of his eyes. "I love you dearly, but you are ugly right now."
"At least I have magic a way."
"I know. I'm happy for you. And I don't want you to worry about the End and whether or not it has
anything to do with you. No one knows for certain."
He looked away from her, swallowing his bitterness. “I will not harm magic.”
She took his hand. “Whatever happens, I don't want to you feel responsible. You did not choose
“At least I don't have to be afraid of magic anymore.”
“So you've practiced already?”
Eager to change the conversation he said, "Cast a spell. I'll show you."
She didn't want to at first, but the rest of them encouraged her until she finally made a protection
spell. The bright shield winked out of sight the moment she conjured it, and her face brightened. "Well
The visit was more cheerful after that, Loken telling her about their journey, skipping over the gritich
Aesa told her that they had seen the king during their visit with the Council, or at least his shadow,
embellishing on the encounter to make it more interesting. His siblings allowed for his creativity just to watch