The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything HTML version

they create for themselves. What is done unto others is done to oneself; there is no separation. When
individuals fall all the way down, they are forced to climb back up the chain of conditional love. Using
the method of the elimination of options, individuals rise to give a little more love, empathy,
understanding, and mercy to themselves and to others than had previously been given. Arrogance
slowly begins to fade into humbleness as everyone within “Absolutely Everything” unfolds in every
possible direction and dimension, gaining new experiences.
After everyone had eaten every emotional fruit from the tree of partial separation, there was then the
feeling of being completely connected to “Absolutely Everything” to explore as a possibility. Always
being connected to “Absolutely Everything” was completely true outside of an individual’s perception,
but it was not known for sure because the mind still craved knowledge, the body still craved substance,
and the individual still craved emotions. So individuals unfolded in every possible direction and
dimension and began to eat its fruit.
Individuals tasted the fruit by giving Unconditional Love to only some. There were those who saw
themselves as blessed (family regardless of what they did, and they believed they were forgiven and
healed). Others were seen as unblessed (potential family or potential enemy, only partially forgiven and
left scarred). Others were seen as damned and completely rejected as forever enemies (never forgiven
and always left mortally wounded). The family, neighbor, and enemy within those who perceived
themselves to be favored tasted Unconditional Love, but the neighbor and enemy outside of them
would be given conditional love and no love to eat. Everyone was completely connected to “Absolutely
Everything,” and so what was given to the whole body outside of all individuals was given back to the
whole body of an individual. The moment Unconditional Love was not given to the neighbor and
enemy outside of the perceived favored was the moment they fell within themselves. Eventually the
door to conditional love and no love was completely closed, and Unconditional Love for all was
opened. All arrogance that was previously in the process of becoming humble became humbled.
Every emotional fruit that hung from the tree of no separation (Unconditional Love) was healthy.
The feeling of everyone being completely connected to “Absolutely Everything,” over time, created
every individual emotion that was good. When Unconditional Love for everyone was perceived to be
the truth, the children were fed from the same tree that their parents were eating from, and they were
not cast out physically. They were then given clothes (Unconditional Teachings-Mental Unconditional
Love). Several leaves fell from the tree of no separation and provided complete protection for the
seeds. After Physical and Mental Unconditional Love was absorbed, the seeds were given the water of
life (Emotional Unconditional Love). The seeds that were killed were brought back to life. The seeds
that were wounded were completely healed, and there was no more scarring.
As the children grew, Unconditional Love continued to be given to their emotions, the Universal
Truth was given to their minds, and the parents Physically led by example while the children learned
what could not be learned for them. Everyone would eventually understand that they were part of
“Absolutely Everything: One Family.” All three areas have, are, and will evolve through the refining
process of trial and error. In the end the emotions will Feel Heavenly, the mind will have Heavenly
Thoughts, and the body will be Fully Connected. Until that point individuals will leave their garden
willingly to create a Heavenly Garden on earth (neighbor) and in hell (enemy) as it is in Heaven