The Ultimate SuperTip HTML version

Chapter 1: Introduction
In Chapter 4 I've compiled a list of items that can help you put the strategy
into practise right now.
And, in passing, I reveal what is undisputably the QUICKEST way to make
money on the Net.
Finally we come to an astonishing viral idea in Chapter 5.
The idea which prompted this unsolicited tribute from Lynn Terry of
". . . it didn't hit me until the very
last page (you'll see why when
you read it), but when it did... I
knew that Harvey's book was
quite simply the greatest viral
marketing idea of all time"
Lynn Terry
Here's an equally impressive review because it expresses how YOU will
benefit from this book. From the famous marketing guru Dr. Mani
Sivasubramanian of
"the neat, simple, yet brilliant
'promotional tweaks' made me stare
in amazement
Dr Mani
... the biggest wallop is packed in the
viral element - which allows YOU to
profit massively from Harvey's
And yet that's almost an understatement - because I will go on to explain why
YOU should fare better than me !
But first, the strategy ...