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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
It's Harvey Segal of here.
Thank you for downloading this book.
Unless you paid money to some rogue on Ebay it's a free book - and I believe
the free information you will read now can revolutionize the way you run your
online business or provide the spark to seize on a new Internet opportunity.
Since its launch in October 2005 the Ultimate SuperTip has eclipsed all my
previous eight books and achieved astounding success.
Here's proof
- If you have sharp eyes you may have noticed that the site changed from to when you downloaded.
That's because I've had to rent another server to cope with the traffic.
- And if you run a search at Google on 'The Ultimate SuperTip' you will find
links from hundreds and hundreds of sites.
Why are all these people linking to a free book ?
What have they got to gain ?
All will be revealed . . .
So what is this book about ?
To start with, in Chapter 2, you will see what in my view is the VERY BEST
strategy to promote ANY product.
And to justify it I'll show you a case study - a real product that I currently sell
using this strategy and EXACTLY how I do it. Which means that you can
copy my methods and repeat the same.
But, even better, Chapter 3 reveals the ingenious twist that takes this strategy
into orbit.