The Ultimate Small Business Internet Marketing Guide HTML version

This guide was created to help small business owners use the internet to get more
I was originally planning on selling it, but decided to give it away instead. But just
because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not packed with valuable tips and tricks that can help
you get more customers from the internet. In fact – if you consider the fact that most of
your competitors have no idea how to get people to find them online – it’s pure gold.
If you own a business, you’ll probably agree that getting customers is one of your
biggest challenges – especially in today’s economy. This book will show you how to do
Most of your potential customers will expect you to have a website. I recommend that
you have one, but it’s not required. With the recent growth of local search directories,
article directories, video sharing sites, and social media sites, you can certainly get
customers from the internet without having your own site.
Many of the steps listed in this book are things you can do yourself, while some of them
may require the help of a web designer. But, let me stress that none of this stuff is
rocket science. Some things may sound foreign to you, but you don’t have to do it all
This book will show you what to do.
By following the steps outlined in this book you will be able to identify changes that may
need to be made to your website, and you can pass these simple (in many cases)
changes on to your web designer.
In addition to helping you identify and correct basic elements within your own website,
this book will show you how to use third-party sites to dramatically improve the visibility
of your business online.
If there are any areas that you feel you lack the expertise, time, or willingness to do –
my team and I would be happy to assist you in any way we can.
The information in this book really is gold, because of all the businesses marketing
online, very few are aware of the basic fundamentals of getting content ranked high with
the search engines.
This book will provide you with the knowledge that most of your competitors have no
clue about.
To your success,
Keith Daggett