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The Ultimate SEO Book
SEO 101
In an increasingly global Internet community, many
techniques have surfaced in order that companies may take
hold of as much market share as possible. After all, the
Internet is used by a huge variety of people from all over the
world, each in their own way a potential customer.
Formerly, going through the Internet and finding content
relevant to one’s search was simple; only a few websites
were up and running online. These days, however, the
Internet is a deluge of content in all shapes and sizes, with
people of various age groups, backgrounds, and geographic
locations, generating their own online publications and
content. Therefore, customers rely greatly on various tools
made available to them to simplify their lives.
Search engines are online interfaces used to search for
relevant content online based on the keywords entered in
the field by the Internet users. Therefore, businesses online
must find a way to be prioritized among hundreds and
thousands of businesses offering similar or congruent
One of these methods designed towards maximizing the
potential of the Internet for businesses that rely greatly on
generating Internet traffic towards their online website is
Search Engine Optimization is a method used to give a
particular website and its content better ranking in a search
engine’s query response listings. It usually tries to give