The Ultimate Professional Guide to Winning at Sports Betting HTML version

Introduction to sports arbitrage trading
Bookmakers have been around for centuries. The phrase you ‘never see a poor
bookmaker’ has never been truer. They will continue to profit well into the future
because the overwhelming majority of their customers lose money to them.
However recently with the birth of the internet certain opportunities have arisen. It is
now possible to gain an edge over the dozens of bookmakers operating across the
internet. Information is so freely available that certain tantalising opportunities have
arisen for profiting from the sports betting arena.
The aim of this publication is to teach the already well practised secrets for beating
the bookmakers and making a guaranteed long term profit. It is legitimate, ethical and
cannot be stopped. It can be run part or full-time, requires no stock, no selling and can
be run from home practically at any time day or night.
You will be taken through in detail every step to achieve a level of income which far
out weighs the cost of the book many times over. The principles that you will learn
will, if applied correctly, and it definitely isn’t rocket science, lead you through to an
opportunity for greater financial security. Best of all, this opportunity provides you
with the opportunity to succeed at NO FINANCIAL RISK to yourself whatsoever.
Any success that you achieve through reading this book will be because you have
applied what you have learnt and persevered. There requires a level of commitment to
make the technique of sports arbitrage work efficiently and effectively.
When reading this book do not be tempted to miss chapters out as it is laid out in a
logical and purposeful way. If necessary make notes as you and make sure you fully
understand each chapter before continuing onto the next one. The book has been
written with an assumption that you know nothing of this business and so we start
with the basics and make sure that everything is explained clearly and precisely.
You will want to refer back to this book time and again as there are many nuggets of
information that you will initially miss and only realise their importance as you
become more experienced in this business. However the success you make in this
business once armed with the correct knowledge is directly related to your level of
commitment and perseverance.
Happy reading and if you follow the book carefully and apply the lessons within in no
time you will be well on your way to a lucrative career as a sports arbitrage trader.