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Introduction to Sports Arbitrage Trading


Chapter 1 – What are arbitrages and why do they arise?

Chapter 2 – Why do arbs appear at all?

Chapter 3 – The different types of odds that you will come across Chapter 4 – Odds conversion chart

Chapter 5 – Finding the arbs

Chapter 6 – The internet and odds comparison sites Chapter 7 – Organisation and starting out

Chapter 8 – Which events offer the best arbs?

Chapter 9 – Opening and running accounts with bookmakers and which to avoid

Chapter 10 – Typical arb getting scenario

Chapter 11 – Advanced arb techniques

Chapter 12 – Betting exchanges

Chapter 13 – Avoid getting spotted as an arb trader Chapter 14 – In-running arbs

Chapter 15 – Money management

Chapter 16 – What equipment do I need?

Chapter 17 – Arb alert services

Chapter 18 – Conclusion

Chapter 19 – Bonus chapter

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