The Ultimate Internet Marketing Rolodex HTML version

Who Am I ?
I am Bradley Glynn (sometimes known as Lee) and I have been at the Internet
Marketing game since around 2005. I dabbled in it a bit before then but like
many others, I seemed to keep finding all of the ''bum marketing'' cheap
tactics and useless MLM programs.
I knew there was more to internet marketing but could not seem to find the
right people and the right information.
Later in 2005 my girlfriend and I took a couple's job where we worked on site
for one of the richest men in Britain. Our 'guests' included people like Richard
Branson, Lord Milford Haven (the queens cousin), Rockstars like Roger Taylor
(Queen) movie stars like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and many others.
Some of the ''lesser known'' ones were investment bankers, entrepreneurs,
movie producers etc.
Let's just say that we learned plenty from these people and how they live
compared to ''regular'' people. One of the main things we learned is that
money does not buy happiness.
Some of these people's lives would seem farfetched as storylines on Days of
Our Lives. Money should be a by-product of what you do rather than the focus
of it. If you are chasing money in IM you are likely to hop from one program to
the next following the promises of overnight millions.
Rather focus on what type of business you want to build and be passionate
about it. For us we love creating digital products and connecting with our
subscribers as to what works and what doesn't. That is what makes us tick and
that is where our success comes from.
OK back to the rich folks, it was a level of wealth only a very select few IM'ers
even know about, this was old wealth and almost every visitor was on the
Sunday Times ''Rich List''.