The Ultimate Internet Marketing Rolodex HTML version

Chapter 1- Content Syndication
Create your content with this concept in mind, syndicate it all over the web
(just like big media companies do) and get people talking about it and engaging
with it and you have a foundation for playing the ''long game'' and will never
have to rely only on Google for your traffic.
They will reward you but your business is not built on the whims of, or at the
mercy of Google. Imagine the scenario: You wake, Google has decided to
change its algorithm and ALL your pages ranking for big traffic keywords are
gone. All your effort has been wasted and all your income has dwindled to
zero, you cannot run a business without long term stability.
In the real world some niches are dry and creating engaging content is difficult
and sometimes near impossible. Building backlinks the right way and having
links from good quality and preferably relevant sites will always have it's place.
Sometimes that is all you need but this Rolodex was created for Internet
Marketers and we are working in an ever changing, exciting, dynamic and
''remarkable'' sector.
In order to stand out we need to be ''remarkable''.
That is what makes us relevant. Not only that we have a voice but others are
also talking about us.
b) Content Syndication Software
There are many ways to syndicate content and many of the underutilized social
sharing sites can provide an enormous amount of traffic.
Yes you will also get the quality backlinks but as we have stated we prefer to
target users and user engagement. By targeting our audience we go directly
after the people we want to visit our sites.